Are there any educational resources for pi-top?

The pi-top and pi-topCEED are both accompained with pi-topOS which contains our coding environment and educational game. These will educate anyone in the basics of coding through a fun and interactive medium. The game is an evolving platform where users will always be kept at a level that is well suited to them as a coders and will push there abilities wherever necessary.


pi-topCODER: Houses a global archive of coding and physical computing based python worksheet tutorials

CEEDUniverse: Is a fun interactive fun method of learning the logic method writing good code. This is done by utilising block code as then python as the user moves through the game.

I am interested in pi-top for my school

Thank you, we’re happy to hear that you are considering pi-top for your school! We have worked with 40+ school on developing our product. Schools have always been a key part of developing our product. pi-top kits have been shipped to schools all across the world!

If you are interested in finding out more about ordering pi-top for your school, please get in touch via the form on the educators page.

Do you have any discounts for bulk orders?

Please get in touch with us via the form on the Education Page for any bulk orders! Thanks.

Is pi-top used in classroom?

The pi-top a portable solutions to engage pupils in the classroom and introduce them into the world of coding, and hardware in the classroom with ease. With the use of CEED Universe which is bundled with the pi-top and pi-topCEED. Pupils are provided with tutorials on how to code, with hints provided depending on skill level; which will educate pupils at an a pace that is suited for every individual pupil.

New pi-top: What projects / inventions can you make with it?

Create your own inventions with your inventor’s kit. Discover the world of coding and building electronics. It includes several components such as a pi-topPROTO+ (pi-topPROTO plus). There are 3 inventor’s journeys - Smart Robot, Music Master and Space Race. The guide describes 20+ projects which you can complete with the step-by-step guide in the pi-topCODER! Explore technology together and create inventions with all the bits and accessories in the kit. Some of the inventions you’ll be making are: 

  • Music Maker
  • Smart Robot
  • Let there be light!
  • Melody Madness
  • Space Race
  • Clappy Hands

And more!


New pi-top: Is the new pi-top used in the classroom?

It is definitely suitable for your STEAM or Computer science classroom! The original pi-top and pi-topCEED have been deployed worldwide in numerous classrooms. It’s a great tool for a project-based teaching style for STEAM and Computer Science subjects.


New pi-top: What inventions or projects can you build with the inventor’s kit?

Use your limitless imagination to create your own games, get hands-on with electronics and experiment with your inventions. It includes coding up your personal robot assistant, an ingenuity trial to challenge your friends and a musical entertainment invention! Build dozens of gadgets such as your own music instruments, reaction challenge game, space race, smart robot pet and more. We’ve included some fun cardboard cut-outs to dress up your inventions!


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